Clear Water's Band


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The basic lineup:


Michal 'Mic' Wycislik - guitars, voice, composer



Marcin "Walk" Walkiewicz - bass, voice



Piotr 'Peter' Nowak - piano, hammond, voice



Karol 'Carlos' Nowak - drums


The last album was released on 31st May 2010. The band has been working in the studio for several weeks. It was the first studio album by CZYSTA WODA. You can find some of the music videos including CLEAR WATER'S BAND latest studio recording, clicking 'videos' below. These pieces bring solid hard rock as well as livin' blues mood and even some swing tones.


CZYSTA WODA (English spelling CLEAR WATER'S BAND) plays authentic music from the rock and blues but often incorporates southernrock and jazz. Their goal is to transfer positive content, and to go back to the roots. They prefer traditional practicing of playing music, especially without digital sound processing. So they play sharp tones of electric power as well as sweet tones of rocky swingblues as it is. By the way, their music always goes straight from the harmony that takes it's source in the rhythm of the human heart beat...

Their LIVIN' BLUES & ROLL brought them invitation to play on BLUESTRACJE Fetstival (one of the main blues festivals in Europe). CLEAR WATER'S BAND performed there in 1998, 2007, 2008 in the company of the top blues artist from Central Europe and USA. The most important performance was supporting CARLOS JOHNSON. CZYSTA WODA receive warm acceptance of audiences. They have won the Award of Audience during the EKOSONG FESTIVAL for the song "Klodnica blues". The best gig in the history of the CZYSTA WODA was joint performance with the best Dutch blues-rock band ever LIVIN' BLUES. That was the beginning of the closer cooperation between former LIVIN' BLUES musicians and CLEAR WATER'S BAND . The most important project is LIVIN' BLUES AFTER tour, featuring bands: OBERG, CZYSTA WODA and BREAKOUT TOUR.

The very first studio album by CZYSTA WODA consists of 12 pieces full of energy and warm analog sound. You can drive your imagine with 2 instrumental compositions and take part in the stories of another 10 songs. The music flows in the mood of rock'n'roll classics like Deep Purple, TOTO, Breakout, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Whitesnake & Allman Brothers Band. There are hardrock power to take your mind and body, melody ways to move your soul, southern wind blows to take your troubles away and human stories to think of. Try it, you're welcome...


LIVIN' BLUES & ROLL ...live...

They call their music simply: LIVIN' BLUES & ROLL.



They call their music simply: LIVIN' BLUES & ROLL.


You are invited to listen to our CD:

1. "CZysta WoDa"
The studio album released on 31st May 2010. There are some samples and live-studio videos to play. You're welcome to check it yourselves!

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The band comes from Silesia, so naturally their roots are Silesian bluesrock from 70's and 80's as well as hardrock & electric blues from under sign of Deep Purple, Allman Brothers Band or TOTO.
They love swing and jazz too. But Warm groove of Duke Robillard or Jaroslaw Smietana is implemented by simple tunes of Southern Rock.